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Success In Smoking Cessation Begins With Self-Confidence

Kicking the smoking habit is not easy for any smoker. Nicotine is a powerfully addictive substance. A lot of smokers are not able to quit because they do not have the will power to overcome this addiction. This is the biggest problem among smokers. Just how can you overcome this mental hurdle? One way is to start believing that your will is more powerful than the hold that any substance can have on you. Focus your mental energy on quitting. For some suggestions on how you can strengthen the your focus, read the following article.

Look at your life’s priorities right now. Does it include quitting smoking? If it does, you are ahead of the game. Your priorities in life are what is most important. Write down these priorities and have this list with you at all times. Make several copies of it so you can see your list constantly to remind yourself what is important.

Believe in yourself that you have the power to quit. Millions of smokers have successfully quit, and so can you. Do not compare yourself to others when you are quitting. Different people require different aids to help them quit, and some take longer than others. The key is your willingness to put out your best effort. When you believe that you can do it, it will strengthen your will power.

It can help if you write down the reasons for wanting to quit. Is it because you want a healthier life? Perhaps you have been run down lately and you are sick of having to rely on cigarettes as a mental crutch. Or, maybe you just do not want to reek of smoke anymore. A good reason maybe that you do not want to expose your children to second-hand smoke, which is harmful to them. Write down your reasons, and refer to them often. This will motivate you to continue your efforts.

Talk to your loved ones about your efforts to quit. If they care about you, they will be thrilled to know that you are taking the step in the right direction. They will be there to support you. Ask them to remind you why it is important to quit. At times when you need some encouragement, call them up and ask for help. Set a goal for yourself to quit by a certain date. Do what you need to do to fulfill that goal. It does not matter what method you choose, like quitting cold turkey or weaning yourself off over a period of time. Just make sure that you are making progress.

Make available to yourself anything that will strengthen your resolve to quit. Avoid situations that will tempt you to smoke. Keep your stress level down at work and at home. Try different methods to relax and unwind. Give yourself the best chance to succeed by applying the advice from this article. The first step comes from the commitment that you are going to make. Have faith in yourself and aim for that smoke-free goal.

Smoking Can Cause a Low Birth Weight

Smoking affects every organ of a human body. It systematically infiltrates the body and over the course of years, destroys it. Women who smoke are likely to have children with low birth weights. This means that the infants will be less than 5.5 pounds. The low birth weight, does cause over 300,000 infant deaths a year. These deaths are directly linked to mothers who smoke and or smoked. The consequences of smoking are dire. It causes conception to take longer. For instance, it can take up to one year of regular sexual intercourse for a smoker to get pregnant. The main drug of tobacco smoke; nicotine, constricts the blood vessels in the body and thus the umbilical cord. This causes the infant to have a diminished supply of oxygen. The continuation of smoking while pregnant also causes, the placenta to become unable to nourish the infant. Thus, the risk of placental abruption occurs. It has also been found that infants born to smokers have less muscle mass than their nonsmoking counterparts.

Smoking can also increase the infants chance of dying from sudden infant death syndrome. The statistics of having a low birth weight infant from a parent who smokes is up by 17 percent. Smoking can also be passive, women who are consistently exposed to second hand smoke, can suffer from the consequences as if they were the smokers themselves. Tobacco smoke is that detrimental. Smoking causes ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, stillborn births, low birth weight, and more. Babies that are born with a low birth weight, are easily susceptible to infections. Some cases have occurred where the problems did not appear until adulthood. It also increases the chances that the infant my have asthma, or other breathing problems.

Smoking when pregnant, reduces the amount of oxygen that the infant is exposed to. it causes the rate of growth to diminish and increases the risk of physical deformity. For instance, infants born to smoking mothers are at a higher risk of having a cleft palate, or cleft lip. They are also at a higher risk of having heart anomalies. The complications that arise for smokers when pregnant are high. They also include ectopic pregnancies, which occurs when the pregnancy is out of the uterus and in the fallopian tube. This can cause death in the patient, if not caught soon. Smoking causes, rupture of the membrane, placental abruption, abortion, death and low birth weight. It increases premature birth, and ups the chances of the infant being born with SIDS to three times the normal rate. Breast feeding can also be affected by smoking. The majority of women who smoke when pregnant, can pass the cigarette chemicals to their babies, and reduce the amount of vitamins that the infant receives. It also reduces the amount of milk that the mother produces.

Smoking increases the low birth rate, ratio to three times the normal weight. Infants that are born of mothers that smoked are usually 5.5 pounds or less and suffer from small heads and shorter growth rates. They are more susceptible to diseases and death.

Smoking Can Kill Your Sex Life!

The ads on television and the heroes in action movies says it all. It goes like this – it’s a rugged cowboy riding on his horse and stopping at the top of a hill overlooking a Montana countryside with a beautiful mountain view to smoke a cigarette showing off a picture of virility and youth. Or, during a James Bond movie, where the secret agent double-zero-seven (007) is found sitting in a trendy restaurant in a far away foreign country, smoking a premium cigarette brand as he is watched by some pretty girls nearby.

But the sad truth is the real picture of smoking is completely different, even though it’s not mentioned in the various communication mediums about the dangers of smoking. In this case, studies have found that men who smoke are 50 percent more likely to suffer from problems with their sex life than men who do not smoke.

How Does Nicotine Cause Impotency?

For Men.

Nicotine will lead to constriction of the blood vessels in the body. That is, it causes the arteries and blood vessels to narrow and lead to slowed or blocked blood flows-including those that are responsible for a man’s erection. Nicotine also lowers testosterone (the male hormone) and other hormone levels in the blood. And it increases fatty acids in the blood, thus increasing the case of clogged arteries and further restricting blood flow to the genitals.

For Women.

Women who smoke also cannot escape from the bad effects of smoking. There is strong evidence that smoking can make it harder for a woman to have an orgasm during sex. Nicotine will also damage ovaries, cause menstrual abnormalities and decreased oestrogen production. It can lead to early menopause with such side effects as increased ageing and dryness in the reproductive organs.

Finally, A Question of Attractiveness.

Do you ever wonder what smoking does to your attractiveness to the opposite sex? It leads to bad breath, smelly clothes, stained teeth and fingers; which are all not exactly a turn-on. So, when you quit smoking you find that instantly you become more attractive to people around you, your non-smoking friends and colleagues.


There is very real dangers of cancer and heart disease when you smoke long-term. But your sexual enjoyment is something that smoking could affect now or in the very near future. Think about this for a minute or two and you know it is worth the sacrifice and making the extra effort to stop smoking. This is just one more reason to get out of the smoking habit and lead a healthier life.

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